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Monthly Archives: November 2011

First ever Fur Ban

West Hollywood is now the scene of a ‘no fur zone’, with a ban on the sale of fur anywhere in the area. The disallowment of fur selling was ruled by council members of the West Hollywood region, which now states that no one in the vicinity is to sell the product, though the ban will not take effect until 2013. The ban was first adopted in September of this year but received an opposing vote from the fur industry which is based in West Hollywood. The ban has made history, no other place in the world has a ban on the selling of fur. The hope is that more regions will follow and less fur will be sold in the country.

The ban is receiving applause from those who detest the selling of fur and in contrast, causing discontentment amongst shop owners who currently have this item for sale. With 200 clothing stores in the town and over half selling fur products, shop owners predict the consequences of this act to have a large impact upon their livelihood, worrying that their businesses will fail and they may not be able to uphold their stores without the selling of fur. The ban is seeing controversy throughout residents who live in the area and many are not happy with the vote.

The selling of fur is a subject that has proved controversial across the globe. Animal rights protestors have been campaigning for years about the use of real fur in the fashion industry. Finally someone has decided to do something about it and put a stop to the retailing of the supposed ‘fashionable clothing item’. Is this just the start of an overall ban on the product, or will the fashion world rule over and continue to sell the product?

We all know that the fashion industry is worth millions of pounds and contributes towards one of the main purchases of shoppers in today’s society. Fashion has its very own culture consisting of many avid followers. With the ‘fall of fur’, could this be detrimental to the entire industry, or will it continue to strive on? I am sure that without the use of fur, the fashion world will continue to grow and be the centre of most of our shopping habits. Many may decide to go against buying from those designer brands that stop using fur in their designs.

The fur ban is something that will persist to be a strong subject among those who are fashion followers and those who want to protect animals and their rights. Whether you choose to wear the real thing or not, I am sure that you and everyone else will have something to say on the matter

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