Clash of the Prints

Are you ready to get creative with your outfits ladies? If not, get ready because we have a new trend on the horizon in the form of clashing prints. Yes you heard it right; we’re all going crazy for a mash up of prints. Think floral trousers with leopard print shoes or striped tees with animal print trousers, the more outrageous the colours the better.

Take Cheryl Cole who was recently spotted in LA sporting sexy leopard print hot pants along with a floral bra top and colourful printed blazer. On paper this combination sounds hideous, but take a look at the pics and somehow it works!

Anyone can wear this trend; you just need to be clever with your prints. If you’re more pear shaped opt for small, dark prints on the bottom and brighten up your outfit on top by choosing colours or prints that really pop.

Traffic People Leggings £32.00

If you’re slightly wary of the bold colourful prints, you can wear plain bright clothing and clash the prints in the form of your accessories. Just add a gorgeous pair of animal print or floral shoes and a printed bag. Olivia Palermo works the trend exceptionally well and you too can easily channel her style.

We have a huge range of printed tops and trousers online which are perfect for this crazy trend. This gorgeous Mink Pink leopard Print Blazer for example is exactly what you need to give this trend a go! So start getting creative and have fun with your clothes, it’s the perfect time to try it out!

Mink Pink Blazer £75.00

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