New at lovarni MOOV BOOTS – 100% Merino Sheepskin Boots

Moovboot is a designer band that has created a collection of unique footwear for women. The Moovboot is a piece of footwear that is durable, waterproof and most importantly fashionable. With Moovboot you will find a great range of boots that will complete any winter outfit this season and are a great pair of boots to wear when the weather is a little on the damp side. The clever technology from integrated into the Moovboot will keep your feet toasty warm and bone dry. Much better than a pair of wellies and a lot more stylish too. Now that the colder months are starting its time to invest in a pair of Moovboots from Lovarni. Take a look at the fabulous selection of Moovboots available from Lovarni.

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